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Leisha Armstrong RN


Leisha is the Owner for 406 Wellness and Beauty. She is located in the Basement of Bailey Insurance Services. Leisha was born and raised in the Flathead Valley, and has been a Registered Nurse for 26 years, with experience in the ER, OB, Med-surg and a School Nurse. Her passion is health and wellness, to provide the beauty within. Vitamize your health with IV Nutritional Therapy; where we promote health preservation.  Also, come check out Award-winning Pagani Star T-Shock therapy. When exercise and diet aren't enough.... The Star T will provide you with non-invasive treatments to look younger, slimmer and achieve tighter skin.  Leisha is also offering Sunless tanning. Bringing you the safest option to get that Sun-Rich glow that you will love. Health preservation is antiaging.  We don't have to live like we are old!

Leisha Armstrong RN

Meet the Team

We are a two person team right at the moment.  Wait and watch us grow with you!

More about 406 Wellness and Beauty, LLC

406 Wellness and Beauty, LLC delivers the ultimate spa experience to the people of the Flathead Valley and those visiting, giving them a small break of tranquility from the rush of daily life.

 Step into our spa you’ll be immersed in a climate of complete relaxation. When entering through our doors we want you to take a deep breath and begin the calming process. Come explore with us and discover the health and beauty benefits of spending time in our breathtaking Spa.

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